Our variety of programs and services are designed to meet your health needs and save you time and money! Click below to learn more.

AuBurn Advantage Plan
Save money on hundreds of generic medications and get alerts when your prescription is ready

AdvantaCare Medication Synchronization Program
Synchronize and simplify all of your presecription medications.

Protect you and your loved ones against viruses and diseases

Prescription Refills
Get your prescription medication when and wher you need it

Healthy Kids Free Vitamin Program
Introduce healthy habits and ensure your child is getting the nutrients they need to develop and grow

Long Term Care
Partner with AuBurn to provide long term care pharmacy services

Custom Compounding
Get your medications customized and tailored to meet your unique needs

Diabetes Solutions
Manage your diabetes with our elevated level of care

Medicare Part D Plan Counseling
Let our staff review your plan to see if it's the right one for you

Caps to Cash Programs
Earn cash for your organization by collecting AuBurn caps